Thursday, August 19, 2010

When the lemon tart meets the Holocaust

We were in the midst of discussing all things German - Berlin, krautrock, the divide of the nation into East and West, those khaki-coloured military jackets with the German flag on the arm, and of course, the Holocaust. Ravi, the maker of cakes and tarts and the bearer of all stupid comments, was listening in on our conversation. We only realised this when we heard his whiny voice pitch in, "So, what do you mean by the Holocaust?"

We reiterated. He still didn't understand. We looked at him, and then at each other, and then at him again.

Yes my friends, there are people who are completely ignorant of such quintessential historical world events and who are happy to go about living their lives making lemon tarts by the dozen without passing a thought for the genocide of six million people.

I don't know how I feel about this.

Mystified. Stupefied. Intrigued. Embarrassed.

Where to from here? I am currently browsing Ebay for a suitable educational DVD.


  1. Start small. He's only recently learned that he has blood, can buy his own underwear, and what a vagina is. I saw a book on the Borders bargain table about dinosaurs, it has thick cardboard pages and nice big letters so he can take it in the bath with him.

  2. hey and you've totes inspired me

  3. I love those books! We can get him one and use it to draw analogies. "This big bad dinosaur's name was Hitler and he crushed all the other little good dinosaurs." It will make much more sense than those educational DVD'S which use too many words with more than one syllable i.e. too many words that Ravi won't understand.

    And hey, rad blog lady!! I reckon you should keep up that nannying job just to keep the posts going! PS - i want to eat chocolate from a porcelain bowl. Those little spoilt bitches don't know how good they got it.